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Pig Transportation

Cambodia is the family economy. The people feed many chickens, ducks, cows, buffalos and pigs at their homes. Especially, they feed the pigs that they bought piglets from the street vendors who sold them on the ways, after that the families feed them around two to three months and then they will grow up enough 100kg. Everyday the other street traders go there and then they buy the pigs from local residents. The traders always transport the pigs by their motorbike to city or other markets nearby. They just tie the legs of pigs and the backs of pigs put upside down of motorbikes and the legs putting up to sky. One motorbike, they transport one, two or three pigs. It is a good looking that you have never seen before at your country.

Gasoline Vendors

In our country most poor people accustom filling their motorbikes the small filling stations near the road sides everywhere in Cambodia. They think that in the big filling stations are very expensive. This way our vendors sell their gasoline a long the road sides, they just fill the gasoline in whisky bottles or plastic bottles. If you are traveling everywhere in Cambodia, you will see that gasoline that it looks like the yellow whisky.

Street Sellers

Populations are also poor conditions and sold something on the road sides everywhere in Cambodia like food, gasoline, sugarcane juice, mobile phones. The food is frying noodle, that they store wheel wagon and they prepare already noodle, sources, eggs and oil. Another place they sell roasted chicken or beef. If they sell something inside the building or the stores that closed with good quality, the local people have never seen or looked. They accustom to shop only the free place which is easy for them. It looks so bad, but help many poorest people their families' economy. 

Sugar Palm Products

Sugar palm is very populated product at the countryside in Cambodia; especially residents produce this on the way Banteay Srei temple. The palm tree is the national tree of Cambodia which grew very long time ago. In Cambodia this tree is very important for living. Until 25 years old, the local people can harvest the juice of the young flowers from the female and male trees, just one tree, they can harvest around 400 liters and 7 liters can be produced one kg of sugar. The palm blooms in October (Beginning of Dry Season until late May (End of Rainy Season).

The men are at countryside free from work and they tie the bamboos ladders around that tree and climb up that one and press the flower wooden pliers for three days and then they cut at the end of flowers, after that juice drop comes out, and then the climber catches that drop of juice by the bamboos cans. They also climb twice per day, and then they take the juice to fill in the caldron for awhile and after that they boil it until becoming sugar palm. After the resident stir the palm sugar already, they also put it in side the palm leaves rings, then it is cold enough to pack out from the rings, and after that the producer packs it with the palm leaves again. On the road side, you see many roles of palm sugar in the tables that the residents sold to pilgrims, such as domestic and International tourists. These sugars are so-called Angkor Sugar Candies. The palm sugar the people use for medicine to cure the sneeze, cold, fever, and for cooking or desserts..., and for medicine you just drink with hot green teas or ginger hot tea.

The Everyday Living

Cambodians eat rice for lunch and dinner and they eat rice with fish everyday. One person eats around 300g of rice per day. The fish they can catch everywhere in Cambodia in the ponds, creeks, canals. Thus, they can grow rice in the rainy season one time a year and other places two times a year such as the place near the great lake Tonle Sap. For breakfast, they have also noodle, loaf, fried rice, and rice with Loc Lac, and drink coffee or tea or lime juice with sugar, but only people in the town or other market areas and the people who live in the countryside normally eat the old rice or hot rice porridge, and drink normal row water from the pump wells, earth wells, creek and lakes.

They usually go to toilet in forests only at isolated areas but in the town they go to the toilet nearby their homes or inside their homes as well. The traditional houses of Cambodia were made from woods with stilt columns, and covered with stows or red tiles. In the rainy season, they stay inside the rooms or in halls in the upper part and underneath, they can keep their cows, oxcarts..., in dry season, they also can stay in underneath, and then they can get enough fresh air. Why is the house with stilts? Because it protect for wild animals like centipedes, tigers, snakes, red ants and support the house higher than water.

Lovely Evening at Apsara Zone (Angkor Khjungju)

Every evening several populations like going to this place for picnic dinner at the late evening, because they get enough places to park their motorbikes and cars without care. Some persons have Cambodian noodles, some have roasted chicken, some have fishes, and frogs so on. They drink draught Angkor beer and some play game balloons such as they throw the arrow to break the balloon, and what is interesting to see: are roasted chicken, frogs, fishes, and roasted beefs and so on.  Do not miss your chances to see them there. Especially, you have to watch the beautiful sunset, too.

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