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Trip Advisor, April 2011:

“If you want a great driver then you cannot do better than Sam – we hired him all day for the days we were in Siem Reap and we could not have found a better man for the job. Sam is friendly and very safe – he knows the temple complex well and knows all the right spots for those incredible sunrises and sunsets – I highly recommend him for all your travel needs whilst in Siem Reap – he can also take you to the better agents for booking ongoing trips – his English is excellent – we were certainly 2 very happy customers.”

“We were picked up from the bus station by our tuktuk driver, Sam, who also worked with the hotel… He took our bags and made sure that we were very comfortable, after seeing us looking really tired and weary…He put our bags up our room and made sure everything was OK…What a welcome!”

“We got this tuktuk driver named Sam. He’s so good, friendly, reliable & helpful. He will take us wherever we wanna go. He will wait for us no matter how late we are. He provides cold mineral water & towels for us. If you ever come to Siem reap or Angkor Pearl hotel, do take Sam as your tuktuk driver. He won’t disappoint u.”

From Trip Advisor March 2011:

“The hotel had great tuk-tuk drivers like Sam who were so helpful, he took us all around Angkor Wat and the surrounding temples, he was so helpful with the children and was a very knowledgeable tour guide! I cannot say enough nice things about the Angkor Pearl and Sam the Tuk-Tuk Driver!! They made our stay in Cambodia most memorable!”

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  1. Kim

    We were in Siem Riep in January 2011, we were fortunate to find Sam as a Tuk Tuk driver while we were staying at the Angkor Pearl. Sam’s english is excellent and he was a fantastic driver. He was very flexible and gave us some good insight. We particularly enjoyed our last day with Sam, going to Tonle Sap Lake. We really recommend Sam as your driver while you are in Siem Reap.

  2. We booked Sam for our April 2011 honeymoon, and he’s highly recommended. We had a very warm welcome (one that we surely needed!) after a terrible bus ride from Phnom Penh. He took us to the hotel and helped us settle in for the night.

    You can expect bottles of cold water, cold towels and a very comfortable tuk-tuk the entire tour. And don’t forget stories and a guide book (which he is more than willing to lend) from him. From this website, you’ll know he speaks English well, which is a very big plus.

    So if you’re ever in Siem Reap, do find Sam and ask him to take you around!

    (Hey Sam, it’s nice to see that you have a website already! Mond and I had so much fun in Cambodia, thanks to you! Looking forward to more photos on your site =D)

    • Hello Kim and Mond, how is everything in the Philipines? Hope the teaching and your Internet cafe is all very good. It was a pleasure for me to have the chance and opportunity, to meet you and show you the city if Siem Reap to both of you. Hope you find my services up to par. And thank you for taking your time to comment on here. Also, Mabellene have contacted me about visiting Siem Reap, but hopefully her journey from Vietnam to here is more pleasurable than what you and Mond experiences. Again thank you for everything. Wish both of you success and Happiness in life, Sam from Angkor Siem Reap.

      • Mabelle

        Hi Sam! We’re now back in Manila. Thank you again for making our Siem Reap trip a memorable one! I and my family appreciate all your efforts in showing us around and making sure we get the most out of our experience. Will surely recommend you to my friends who are planning to go to Cambodia soon :) Take care!

  3. Keane Wang

    We were in SIem Reap for 4 days for a short vacation. I have seen good comments about Sam from tripadvisor and decided to engage him. Due to busy work schedule, I did not plan much on my trip. Sam planned it all for me! Thumbs up for him. Such good service even without getting my commitment to engage him. He is prompt in replying my emails on any query that I make. Godspeed….

    When I arrived Siem Reap, coincidentally, I realize that he is also the driver for the hotel that I booked, Angkor Pearl. Top notch hotel! Reasonable priced, clean with spacious room, nice complementary breakfast and friendly staff!

    Knowing my short stay in Siem Reap, Sam tried to squeeze in additional temples visit that are along the way. He even brought me to his village to experience life in Cambodia, which make me realize how fortunate I am.

    Pricing wise, Sam is on par with his fellow tuk tuk driver. However, after experiencing his service, you will feel that he is under paid. Personally, I think that he deserve more.

    Lastly, I wish Sam and his family to live happily, with great health. I will look for you if I travel to Siem Reap again. This time round, as a friend :)

    Keane Wang

we got all, which we expected

They assisted me in planning my tour very carefully with every detail covered. Once we finalised the arrangements and plan via e-mail, it all happened exactly as planned. From the time we were picked up at the airport till the time we were dropped off it was excellent. We toured for 4 days, punctual with the pick-ups, experienced driver, knowledgeable tour guides. Comes highly recommended, wouldn't have been the same memorable experience if I did it alone. Great job done.
July .15. 2015

we got all, which we expected

We have chosen this guide service by the recommendation of ur hotel in Siem Reap.
We made the right decision.
Both our guide Mr Pheara (with a vast knowledge in history) and the driver (Mr Sat ) were excellent- and I can only recommend them to help you there.
July .12. 2015

fabulous tour guide

We had Phan as our guide for two days. He was an encyclopedia of knowledge not only about the temples but also about the social,political.and economic issues of Cambodia. After seeing several temples, he took us out to the countryside to see "village life." Phan speaks excellent English, has a wonderful sense of humor, and an optimistic view on life.

July .7. 2015

don't put off your dreams!

For many years we have visited neighboring Viet Nam, since this is where my spouse was born. And at the end of each visit we say next time we must go and visit Cambodia and see Angkor Watt … one of the wonders of the ancient world. Finally, after weeks of fog and midst in Ha Noi we decided to realize the dream in early April. Purchasing an organized tour from local travel agencies often appeared pricey. Then I stumbled upon TripAdvisor and their review of Private Siem Reap Guide Services. When I look at reviews I look at both the total number and the distribution. As of today I note 853 reviews… and 772 were excellent.... that is phenomenal. Based on that I wrote the owner Mr. Sam and email… told him we had never been to Cambodia… new very little how to plan our trip and while fit we are 66 and 71 years old respectively. I received an email reply in one hour with a suggested (3) day itinerary … cost break down with fees… a driver… SUV… and a tour guide. The price quoted was very reasonable. We concluded the trip arrangements that day. Using his website I navigated to an official government of Cambodia web site and applied and paid for our e-visas which we received in one day. We had a driver who met us at the airport and within 30 minutes we were checked in. The logistics and services provided live up to the 5 star recommendations.

And while all these variables are key to successfully planning your trip…. the real value comes in the relationship you form with your individual tour guide and driver … in our case three very full days. Our guide was Mr. Pheara…. But quickly it was on a first names basis… which Sopheara is. He is an excellent conversationalist with a first rate command of English. He is knowledgeable on a wide range of subjects outside of literature, history and religion. We touched on such topics as agriculture… water resources …. The upcoming New Year… and even the dark chapters in recent history that includes the continuing clearance of land mines (and yes the temples are save and cleared). What is daunting is trying to read about Cambodia before you arrive…. The subject is so large to wrap yourself around it can become overwhelming ….. History… the rise of the Khmer empire and clashes with its neighbors… Religion …. The struggle and merging of Hinduism and the two branches of Buddhism… This is where I think Mr. Pheara is at his best…. Over the three days he knew how to weave the history and religion together slowly so that we could begin to comprehend and appreciate why Angkor is truly a marvel to behold. Thank you Sopheara…. For being our guide. 

I would also be remiss if I did not thank him for becoming our photographer as well. Of course my camera batteries died the first day. No problem… his high pixel panoramic camera took dozens of me and my wife… and he always placed us with terrific compositions in the background…. Arm and arm standing before a pool as the sun rises over Angkor Watt…. I am sure that will be our treasure from Cambodia mounted on our wall at home. He was always quick each day to email us our photos.

And Mr. Sat… thank you for your safe and excellent driving…. Especially on the longer 70 kilometer drive. You were always there when we returned to our vehicle with cool bottles of water and face wipes. This may sound a little trivial…. But this April in Cambodia and by late afternoon the temperature had risen from the 90s to a high of 102. Water and pacing yourself if essential. The tradeoff for coming this time of the year (the low season) is that it will not be crowded and you will get a great discount on your lodging. Book early! It is rare to find this much quality …. There is no hype in the reviews. So…. Don’t put of your dreams!
July 4 2015

great 3 days touring siem reap with sam and mr sat

After trolling through many reviews of TA we decided to book with Sam. We were not disappointed. Sam has excellent English, extremely knowledgeable, not only about the sites we visited, but also about Cambodia and its history. Both Sam and his driver Mr Sat were very professional, Mr Sat always having a bottle of cold water and wipes once we got back into the car after visiting each site. We would have not hesitation in recommending their services.
May .27. 2015

beautiful, historic siem reap!

Booked our tour with Sam at the last minute since my Siem Reap trip with my family was also booked at the last minute. Sam replied very quickly to all my questions and was very flexible even when we needed to change itineraries at the last minute. Our driver was Mr. Sat and our tour guide was Mr. Sun and they were wonderful. My grandmother had a hard time with the car we used on our first day because the step was a bit too high for her so the next day, Mr. Sat and Mr. Sun brought a car that my grandmother had ease in getting into and getting out of. Mr. Sun shared so much about the history and the current context of Siem Reap and was able to satisfy my dad's curiosity.
May .23. 2015

amazing siem reap!”

A spectacular destination to visit!...

Our 2 days tour in siem reap is unforgettable for its mystical beauty and kind hearted people.

I was doubtful if i could still booked a tour due to time constraint. We will be leaving for cambodia soon but i havent yet arranged any tour for our family. Luckily for me, I saw good reviewa in Tripvisor about Mr Sam's company. I grab the chance to email him my inquiries. And whoollah!!... in just a click, he responded back with full details on what their company could offer. A very effecient and reliable company that tourist should grab!..

We had an amazing and highly recommended tour guide namely Mr Bun. This man is very knowledgeable, funny and kind hearted. He has the mastery of what he does. And he do it excellently!!.. 

Also we would like to thank Mr Thy our driver for keeping us safe in our journey. 

PS. Please invite your tour guide and driver when you have your lunch or snacks. 

For those tourist who has plans to go Siem Reap and who has not yet book any tour.. have your reservation booked now in this company!
Sweet L
July .28. 2015

sunrise @ angkor wat

My husband and I visited Angkor Wat (15 - 18 Apr 2016), another Wonders of the World added to our experience! We booked through Sam, who responded promptly on emails. He noted the attractions we wanted to cover and worked out an itinerary to suit our needs and timing. His help was invaluable during the planning stage - several changes that we made did not faze him at all. Our guide Mr Chhang was punctual for our sunrise tour (5am!), and both he and driver Mr Siyem took good care of us, especially when I was unwell towards the end of the tour - too much sun for me. The historical explanations and interesting facts given by Mr Chhang were fascinating and made the time pass so quickly. We were very happy with the many photo opportunities he pointed out for us, and for the couple of creative shots he took of us, too! We were also impressed that he was very helpful and polite to other tourists who came to him from time to time to ask for directions!

We would like to thank Mr Chhang for his patience in waiting at every scenic spot for my husband, a very keen shutterbug. Special thanks from me, for his calm and helpful manner when I almost passed out from the intense summer heat. I had insisted that my husband carried on into Ta Prohm (of Tomb Raider's fame) while I lay on a footpath resting. Mr Chhang gave him directions and instructions on what to look out for, and then stayed with me - no doubt making sure I wasn't stepped upon by the throngs of people passing by.

We will not hesitate to recommend Siam Reap Guide Services to all travelers! Thank you very much for making our trip wonderful!

Mr & Mrs R Choong, Singapore

Tips: wear climate-appropriate clothes, with shoulders covered and pants below knee length if you intend to enter the temples. Comfortable walking shoes are a must, as are sunscreen and a hat. Drink plenty of water too.
May .9 .2015

get yourself a guide

We had two days in Siem Reap on 13th and 14th April so booked a tour to fit as much as we could into the time. We had Sam as our guide with Mr Sat as our driver. Both days were 40degrees but nobody complained as Sam guided us through temple after temple, explaining history, showing us items of interest in the carvings, etc. For us it was essential to have a guide through the Siem Reap temples. We saw many people wandering around on their own with their book in hand trying to figure stuff out and many of them actually asked Sam questions as we went around.
Get yourself a guide and Sam and Mr Sat at Private Siem Reap Tour Guide are exactly what you need. Sam's English is great and Mr Sat couldn't do enough keeping us supplied with really cold refresher towels and cold water in the car. Due to the heat we decided to push on and do all the temples each day without stopping for long breaks or lunch and used the car to rest between temples. This resulted in us finishing early, just after lunch so we could go back to our hotel and jump in the pool and the guides could also get out of the heat. Great couple of days and highly recommended.
Jessica Booth I
May .6. 2015

service with a smile review

We recently spent 4 days in Siem Reap and also booked a tour guide through Sam as a result of the excellent reviews we had read on Tripadvisor. We were not disappointed! He provided an excellent service in every detail. He picked us up from the airport and took us to our hotel and provided an itinerary that was comprehensive and made great use of our time for the days we were there. The cold water and chilled wet towels were much appreciated as we hadn't realised that this is the hottest time of the year to visit Angkor Wat. Our guide Bun was excellent also - he was very knowledgeable, knew all the best spots to take photos and made every effort to avoid the crowds wherever possible. We would recommend Sam without any hesitation at all.
Helen O
May 3 2015